Saturday, July 12, 2014

5 weeks old

A very busy week.  The pups spent July 4th weekend with Alpine's family.  Not only did they adapt to a new environment, but also got a couple of car rides.  Lots of outdoor play time - the weather has been amazing.  The pups know the way from the pen to the back porch and are doing a great job doing most of their daytime toileting outside.  I brought out the wading pool and the pups have been tentatively giving it a try.  Pups are being fed individually so that helps equal out sizes.  I am limit feeding the big pups and giving extra to Little Guy.  Pups gained over 1 lb last week, and Little Guy gained at least 1/2 lb more than everyone else gaining 1 lb 14 oz.  He is now only 3 oz smaller than Willa.  Weights ranged from 6 lb 4 oz (Little Guy) to 7 lbs (Oz). 

The pups have not yet learned how to get up on the porch

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