Sunday, June 29, 2014

More puppy pics

Lunch on the lawn



Oz and toy

Willa crashed

Unidentified cutie

Puppy visits

Alpine's breeder caretaker family came over for another visit with the Golden gang.  The pups are already well socialized!

Alpine getting special attention

Tori enjoying the attention

Tummy scratches . . .

. . . and Tori goes to sleep

Eugene with his distinct face

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More outdoor pics

Portland aka "Little Guy" (Black Boy)

Little Guy

Eugene (Green Boy) with his scrunchy face

Oregon "Orie" (Orange Boy)

Willamette "Willa" (Pink Girl)


Astoria "Tori" (Purple Girl)

Albany "Ali" (Red Girl)

Corvallis "Cory" (Yellow Boy)

Outdoor adventure

On Friday morning, I took the pups outside in the front yard for the first time.  We only stayed out for 10 minutes, some stress whining, but the pups did quite well with this new experience.

We have names

Keeping with my theme of naming litters after places in the home state of outside stud dogs, I have decided to call this the Oregon Litter.  These names may be just temporary as programs often rename the pups after they start training. 

Orange - Oregon “Orie”
Black – Portland “Little Guy”
Yellow - Corvallis “Cory” (near where Kash lives)
Green - Eugene
Blue - Oswego “Oz” (Lake Oswego, town south of Portland where we stayed one night with one of my childhood friends)
Pink - Willamette “Willa” (Willamette River, flows through Albany)
Purple – Astoria “Tori” (coastal town)
Red - Albany “Ali” (town where Kash lives)

3 weeks old

Creative nursing

Big tub of puppies

Three weeks old and everyone, even Little Guy, is doing well.  Most pups gained around 1 lb last week, and Little Guy gained a very respectable 1 lb 3 oz.  Big pups ranged from 3 lbs 12 oz (Pink Girl) to 4 lbs 7 oz (Blue Boy).  Little Guy weighed in at 3 lbs 1 oz.  Ear canals have opened so the pups can hear.  I am often leaving the TV or radio on for background noise.  The pups are increasingly more mobile, starting to play with toys and each other.  I saw someone biting on a  littermate's tail the other day.  Baby teeth are also starting to come in - poor Alpine.  Pups are starting to lap water from a bowl and easily transitioned from canned food to soaked puppy kibble.  They are doing quite well using the litter box.  Alpine is losing interest (too much of a people dog), but still managing to keep everyone fed and clean with some help from human caretakers and Auntie Tacara, my G. Shep.

1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
17.5 oz
1 lb 15 oz
3 lbs 8 oz
3 lbs 12 oz
17.9 oz
1 lb 13 oz
3 lb 3 oz
4 lbs 7 oz
14.6 oz
1 lb 12 oz
3 lb 1 oz
4 lbs 2 oz
13 oz
1 lb 11 oz
3 lb 3 oz
3 lbs 1 oz
15.4 oz
1 lb 14 oz
3 lb 1 oz
4 lbs
18.3 oz
1 lb 5.6 oz
2 lb 10 oz
4 lbs
14.7 oz
1 lb 13 oz
3 lb 5 oz
4 lbs
18.3 oz
2 lb 1 oz
3 lb 3 oz
4 lbs 3 oz

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Puppy wrestling

Weekend puppy pics

Black Boy

Green Boy
Orange, Black and Pink

Puppy snuggles

Yellow Boy resting on Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Purple Girl falling asleep

Red Girl

Red Girl practicing her walking

Yellow Boy