Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lots of changes

This weekend, the pups moved into a bigger pen in the main part of the house.  The pups made the adjustment easily as did Alpine. BioSensor exercises have ended and the pups are busy exploring their world.  All eyes are open and ears are starting to open.  I have added different bedding textures, soft toys (which Alpine likes to carry off), and toilet paper tubes to add environmental stimulation.  The pen has a litter box and the pups are already using it, especially with a little human help.  The pups have had their second nailtrim and first worming.  Just as important, the pups have started eating a bit of canned food and give the new food item a paws up of approval.  They are enjoying human attention, readily crawl into laps, and are just starting to discovery their littermates are more than speed bumps. 

Together, the pups already weigh close to 50% of Alpine's body weight

Big puppy pen, litter box at far end

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